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Let the people discover your brand digitally. Increase your number of leads and drive revenue with leading social media marketing agency in Delhi. PlanDigi has made the task of engaging customers and expanding the audience simple. Your business can touch the new heights with our result oriented Social Media Marketing Service.

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Develop Brand Awareness Through Social Media

Social media has become a direct way to reach millions of people in just a few clicks. With our immaculate SMM services you can bridge the gap and get connected with them.

Build Relationship Digitally

Strong brand awareness always leads to having strong relationships with the audience. And strong relationships always lead to more sales, quality traffic, and more conversion rate.

Content Creation & Publishing

We create captivating and informative content that compels the readers to become buyers. To keep engaging a large number of followers we keep posting time and again.

Campaign And Community Management

With our creative and innovative paid SMM campaign services you can entertain countless numbers of people and build a community of fans, followers, and buyers.

Our Cutting-Edge Process Made Us Best Social Media Marketing Agency In Delhi, India

Goal-Driven SMM Strategy

Whether you need to sell through social media or increase brand awareness or direct traffic to your website. We closely look into your requirement and then our SMM experts make it reality

Metrics And KPIs For Result Analysis

Everything must be data driven on Social Media Advertisement for better results. To make our SMM service measurable and analytical we set metrics for reach, clicks, engagement, hashtag, sentiments, and organic traffic.

Engaging Social Content

The secret of our highly successful social media advertisement lies in our engaging social content. We create all types of post that strikes a cord and sparks curiosity in the mind of the viewers and readers.

Consistency In Activity

Everything we do, we do constantly. We make sure no gap in our daily activity can take place.Plus, we respond to questions immediately if someone asks on social media. With the same consistency we do monitoring as well.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook will always be the top-rated social media platform for personal & business use. With our Facebook marketing services you can get maximum leads and increase your sales and also page likes, followers and engagement.

Instagram Marketing

Whether you are a big corporation or of intermediate level, introduction of Instagram into your marketing strategy is a must. Our Instagram marketing services involve sharing informative content, quality posts, videos, & stories on Instagram that attract huge sales.

YouTube Marketing

Video is a great way to introduce your product's & services. With our YouTube video marketing services you can increase awareness of your product and services and also get leads.

LinkedIn Marketing

Want to reach decision makers? Also want to generate more leads, drive more traffic, and build your brand awareness on LinkedIn ? We provide result oriented LinkedIn Marketing Services.

Squeeze-out the benefits of Social media with our Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services in Delhi, India

Targeting Quality Audience

Though there are 3.2 billion users on social media all around the world but we target the audience which will be useful to your brand/company for generating leads and promotion.

Premium Content Quality

“Content is the king” social media users are consuming content faster than food; we create such quality content for your audience to consume that image of your brand/company is printed deep inside them.

Adaptive Nature

social media is home of new trends every day, our expert team tracks and monitor trends on regular basis so that we can adapt our services and are never left behind.

Reputation Management

 it’s just a matter of click or touch for social media users, they easily grant you fame and can defame you even faster; we are here to ensure that odds are never against you.

Effective Campaign Building

Social media is all about attracting audience with your content the more audience you want the more content you need, for balancing this you need a long standing and effective campaign and we just have right ideas for you.

Regular Analysis and Reporting

 Stats should be checked frequently to get the best out of them; we not only check stats regularly but provide you report of your Brand/company so you too stay connected.

Social Media Plays A Crucial Role In Reaching Out To Masses

Social Media Marketing – or SMM – is the process of increasing visibility and sales through social media.

Improved Brand Awareness

You can improve your brand awareness by choosing best social media marketing agency in Delhi.

Increase Sale & Traffic

Increase your sales and traffic by selecting leading Social media marketing agency in Delhi.

Social Media Marketing FAQs

Businesses these days require online presence for optimal growth and social media platforms are the best bet you have. Social media is an essential part of your business marketing strategy. Social media helps you increase your brand awareness, connect with your customer, boost engagement and increase sales and lead.

Yes! Social media can generate lots of useful leads for your business/company.

Social media platforms have billions of active users, you need to do a proper research about where your target audience is, it also depends on the service or product that you are offering then choose your social media platform, though every social media platforms can give you good amount of engagement but Facebook can be good starting point because it’s the platform with most active users among other social media sites.

Increasing engagement or activity for your brand/company is the primary purpose of social media marketing. Your account engagement is directly linked with growth of brand/company. Uploading regular content, connecting with your customer through replying their relevant comments, online polls, QnA sessions and hashtags.

Yes! Absolutely social media is excellent platform for building brand identity and establish meaningful relationship with your online audience. Social media increase your brand awareness and establish trust with your audience which eventually leads to building your brand’s image.

Social media marketing strategy include researching about the factors that will bring benefits in the face of increase in engagement and positive brand image, when to post content and context on the content and choosing the audience which will show interest in your brand/company/service.

It totally depends on the size of campaign you have started and the budget you propose, if you can pay to boost your posts and promote updates you will see immediate results. Else it is a process which grow with every content you post, every activity you make on social media, you will start seeing results in time period of 1month to 6month.

“Content is the fuel on which social media runs” make sure to post quality content on regular basis, focus on tone of your brand/company, keep a track on trends, analyze and monitor results frequently to make the best out of them.

It depends on size and budget of your company if you are a leading company with lots of budget to spare you can establish your own in-house social media marketing working only for you but if you are working on tight budget, you can outsource your SMM, outsourcing holds an advantage of professionals working for you.

Social media is not just all about posting, inters lacks experience SMM requires experience to make campaign successful, also they don’t last forever but campaigns require time to become success, there are many cases where mistakes made by rookies’ costs brand/company a lot of negative publicity, your online presence can be viewed as a public broadcast. So social media may look easy but trust us it isn’t, leave it to professionals like us for optimal result.