Social Media Optimization Company in Delhi, India

Expand Your Business On Social Media With Leading Social Media Optimization Company in Delhi, India

We are a leading social media optimization company in Delhi, India. With our complete SMO smart solutions you can enhance your reach on all major social media platforms. We are a leading provider of SMO services in India. We offer comprehensive social media optimization services to establish a strong social media presence that engage customers and intensify the brand recognition and organic traffic.

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Build a Strong Presence on Social Media With Social Media Optimization Company in Delhi, India


Increase The Reach Through Social Media

Social media is a new home to billions of people from different countries, cultures, and communities. With the right strategy you can inspire them to buy your products and services. You really can take your business anywhere and everywhere with SMO. 


Drive More Traffic

After Google, social media platforms have become the second largest source of gaining huge traffic. If you want to avoid the hassles of a long and hectic method of Google ranking then SMO is the best alternative. Instant results in a short time is guaranteed.


Enhance credibility

Customers and buyers always want to deal with trusted service providers or sellers. Your business’ presence on social media channels increases the trust factor of your business. Thereby a large number of people don’t hesitate from engaging with your business. 


Improves search engine ranking

However, getting ranked on Google Search Engine is quite difficult but it is important. Good news is that with the help of Social Media you can increase your Google ranking to the drastic level as well. You can be sure of the double benefits with our professional SMO services in India.

Social Media Optimization Company in Delhi, India

Why Choose PlanDigi

We listen to your audience

We approach the audience first to understand their expectations and then act accordingly. After that straightforwardly target the specific audience, which increases the conversion rates in the shortest possible time.

Analyze Your Competition

To get the valuable insights we believe in a comparative and competitive approach. We analyse your competitors.We know how to use influencers to promote your business and brand to the appropriate audience.

Manage Your Brand

After deep research and analysis we manage your brand and introduce it at a massive level. We are perfect in planning and execution of social media paid campaigns to improve customer engagement.

Handle Your Social Media Accounts

To ensure your all business accounts perform evenly all the time on social media our experts handle them. In comparison to others we offer cost-effective SMO services to generate quick and effective results

Achieve Your Goal with budding Social Media Optimization Company in Delhi, India

Wondering how to climb the ladder of success? PlanDigi’s SMO service can be the answer to all your questions. You can start driving more profitable leads through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on…

Social Media Management

Our dedicated and committed SMO experts will manage all of your company's social media profiles to ensure they are doing their best to their maximum level.

Paid Campaigns

We help you to do the paid marketing campaigns for your social media platforms to direct more & more audiences and transform them into active leads.

What We Do in SMO Services in India

Standard Research Process

Social media optimization needs up-to-date topics and creative ways to engage. Our expert and experienced team will do market research for you and plan all the steps towards the social media optimization process accordingly.

Target Selection and Audience Building

After completing research, we select and target the possible audience which will show decent interest in services provided by your brand/company. Selecting right audience results in positive brand image building.

Social Media Optimization

Relevant Content Creation

By creating relevant content for your brand/company and updating it regularly, our goal will be to increase engagement and social media followings and page likes of your business’s profile.

Tracking and Analyzing

Once every piece of SMO puzzle is in their place and have started working, then we start the process of tracking and analyzing the stats that we receive from our page or profile. Stats are important aspect as they provide live performance of our campaign.


Our transparent service provide you monthly reports of performance of your brand/company on social media platforms.

Social Media Optimization FAQs

SMO or Social Media Optimization is a strategy of promoting brands, businesses or services, using the platform of Social Networking website. Basically, it’s a method of Optimizing Social Media Platforms to work in favor of your business, brands or services. Main purpose of SMO is to increase sales, expand brand awareness and to establish good relationship with your audience or customers.

Social media marketing is process, where we post updates; make social media campaigns, social media customer services and branding your business. Even though, you might consider Social Media Optimization as a part of SMM but SMM is the process which comes after completion of SMO. SMO is the process where you need to work on your website and web pages, so they can perform in an optimum way on social media.

There are various benefits of Social Media Optimization like, by using Social media sites one can target millions of audience in very cost effective way. It provides huge Brand/company Promotions, customer engagement and having positive feedback in return all are parts of Social Media Optimization.

Social Media Optimization required sharp skills in analyzing and understanding the current trends and predicting future scopes in social media platforms.

Social media optimization is an important technique of Digital Marketing. It is a technique of increasing brand awareness and building audience using number of social media outlets to generate publicity. The main aim of SMO is to bring traffic from social networking to your website. It includes social media websites, video and blogging websites.

SMO has a big and positive impact on the rank of your website as it improves your rank by bringing in quality links to your site. The ranks brought by SMO are natural and organic and hence are loved by the search engines which eventually lead to positive growth in rank of your website.